The Editors

Camille Griep

Developmental Editor

Who she is:  Camille is the Editor of Easy Street, a magazine of words and culture, and serves as a senior editor at The Lascaux Review. A distinguished graduate of Claremont McKenna College with a dual degree in Literature and Biology, Camille applied her broad writing and editorial experience in careers from collegiate journalism to marketing, from corporate analysis to fiction. A graduate of Viable Paradise, a residential workshop for speculative fiction novelists, she is an active member of writer’s organizations across many genres, as well as the acclaimed author of two books – Letters to Zell and New Charity Blues.

What she believes:  “When I’m asked to read a manuscript, I am immediately rooting for the author. Very few of us in this business enter into it without a deep love of books, literature, and the people who create them. It is of profound importance to me that an editor and author relationship reflects a common goal of uncovering the very best a manuscript can offer. As an author myself, I understand great books do not happen in a vacuum – the many hands that help to sculpt an author’s vision should enhance, not detract. In this, I look forward to working with authors whose goals, regardless of genre or publishing method or background, cleave to this same mission.”

What she does:  A developmental editor seeks to gather impartial information about a story and provide an analytical overview following a full read of a manuscript or story. I work with authors to hone their structure, plot, continuity and pace by offering specific comments and suggestions designed to help the writer clarify their own intent.

I am interested in projects of any genre (excluding horror), including literary, speculative fiction, romance, YA, and more. Writers seeking to work with me should have a finished full draft of their work in progress, and be striving to improve.”    

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Roberta Trahan

Copy & Line Editor

Who she is:  Roberta is a novelist, copywriter and writing instructor with more than 30 years of experience in professional communications – from newspaper journalism to advertising, media relations, event promotion, and publicity.  A dedicated supporter of the Northwest writing community, she has served on the Advisory Board for the Fine Writing Program at Edmonds Community College, faculty for writing programs at ECC and Bellevue College (formerly BCC) and various other writing and publishing institutions.  She has presented dozens of workshops at conferences and book industry events, and has supported the success of many writers with her editorial and marketing services. She is also the published author of two fantasy novels and other works of speculative fiction.

What she believes:  Not only does every writer have a unique voice, they also have a unique message. They have something powerful to say. A copyeditor’s job is all about quality control: to ensure that unique voice and powerful message is presented as purely and potently as the author intended.”

What she does:  “Storytellers are naturally focused on the content of their book, and even the most experienced writers get in their own way when it comes to the details. Before any manuscript is presented to the world at large – whether you are entering the traditional publishing gauntlet or publishing your work directly to the reader – it absolutely must pass the white-glove test. A thorough copy/line edit provides that professional polish. I focus strictly on the bare bones of a manuscript: grammar, punctuation, word usage, spelling, omission, repetition, consistency, and structural continuity.

I am interested in all fiction – literary to commercial, across all genres.  A writer seeking to work with me should have a final edited full draft of their manuscript and be preparing their work for submission and/or publication.”

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