How Quick Crits Can Help Keep Writers on Their Game


Every writer is niggled by doubt during their drafting process: Am I on the right track? Have I jumped the tracks altogether? Am I actually writing the story I intended to tell?

A little real-time perspective can help writers focus on what works and let go of what doesn’t. That’s why Lit Chicks is now offering on-the-go editing for writers looking for feedback on their works in progress.

Quick Critiques 

Wondering if the idea in your imagination is translating to the page? Need to know if your approach has what it takes to grab and grip today’s discerning reader? No worries. We got you. For a small fee, we’ll review a manuscript sample (the first 25 pages) and assess it for the following five essential elements:

1) Is there a story line with a central conflict that is strong enough to support a full-length novel? Is it revealed early enough to hook the reader?

2) Is there a well-drawn protagonist the reader can readily recognize? An antagonist?

3) Is there a compelling plot unfolding and escalating from page one?

4) Is the main character(s) complex enough to carry the weight of that plot?

5) Is the story centered on a marketable theme that will resonate with a sizable (or identifiable) audience?

Here’s how it works:

*You send us (up to) the first 25 pages of your manuscript and $50.

*We read and assess your pages according to the guidelines specified above, in five business days or less.

*Your pages are returned to you with specific comments and margin notes, highlighting what’s working and what’s not.

*We’ll answer any questions you may have about our comments and notes, and offer recommendations for other resources to help you resolve any issues we may identify.

Sound good? Okay then. Let’s get started! Email to book your Quick Critique today.


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